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Trend Alert: Sexy Cutouts

Cutouts have been trendy for a while now, but in 2016, you can only be truly stylish if you choose a one-piece cutout swimsuit.

How to Wear a One-piece Cutout Swimsuit

Let’s face it, cutouts work on everything, be it swimwear or any other fashion items. The one-piece cutout swimsuit will give you a sensual flair while retaining a sense of mystery. Just take a look at our Rose swimsuit.

Cutout Swimsuit

Cutout swimwear is flattering for any figure, especially due to its potential to camouflage cellulite and stretch marks on the abdomen. Moreover, this swimsuit design hides wide hips, and some versions even cover the imperfections on the buttocks. The best thing is that a one-piece cutout swimsuit accentuates your curves beautifully, making you look like a sensual diva. Our Maya design has a plunging V-neck to prove that!

One-piece Swimsuit

The first aspect that you need to keep in mind when you’re wearing a one-piece cutout swimsuit is the risk of uneven tanning. If you want to avoid this, opt for other swimsuit designs, like our Luxe bandeau bikini. Tan your skin to the desired shade in this swimsuit and then expose your golden tone in your cutout one-piece. Mix the styles to make sure your tan doesn’t suffer.

Two-piece Swimsuit Luxe

Although it’s a universally flattering design, the one-piece cutout swimsuit can display some unwanted cellulite or stretch marks. A bit of bronzer will solve this problem. Two days before wearing the suit, apply some tanning lotion on your problem areas. Wait 24 hours, the reapply on the entire body. This way, the imperfections will be almost imperceptible.

And don’t forget about sunscreen! Even if you wear a one-piece cutout swimsuit which covers a lot of skin, you still need to apply an SPF lotion. A splendid tan, which you can proudly display, will be your reward!


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