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Top 5 Books That Will Make Your Day At The Beach

Besides your SPF lotion and sunglasses, your beach kit is not complete without a good book. Whether you are a supporter of e-books or you prefer hard copies, here are 5 recommendations that will surely make your day at the beach.

Alain de Botton, Essays in Love

Some books require a little patience, others seduce you from the first line. The latter is the case for the debut volume of everyone’s favorite philosopher Alain de Botton. This book passes through each stage of a modern love story. From the first kiss to conflicts and separation. De Botton manages to identify and bring some clarity to those elusive aspects of a relationship, which usually remain untold.

The love story between Chloe and the narrator alternates with insights about relationships mechanisms, inviting you to adopt a post-romantic perspective on love. “Essays in Love” is an easy read and is an ideal companion for a day at the beach.

Bohumil Hrabal, Too Loud a Solitude

Bohumil Hrabal’s masterpiece will fit even the most stuffed beach bag. The Natural beach bag will keep it safe, along with your other beach necessities, like your Shannon sandals. This book is a host of allegories, symbols, and meanings, It will remind you of the pleasure, but also of the necessity of reading.

The protagonist, Hanta, finds himself in an ungrateful position. On one hand, he is an avid reader, but on the other hand, his job forces him to destroy books in a hydraulic press.

This summer, let the Czech writer convince you that poetry can sometimes take the form of prose. Allow Hanta to bring you into the life of a hermit who experiences a multitude of other lives through the books he saves.

Books That Will Make Your Day At The Beach

Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

Amanda Palmer’s name may sound familiar from the period when she was the singer of The Dresden Dolls. The last years have seen her on a fulminant evolution as an artist. In “The Art of Asking”, she demonstrates that music and performative arts are not her only strengths. Choosing to finance her projects through Kickstarter created some experiences which now she shares in a prose that seems almost confessional.

Amanda Palmer asks for your attention to tell you about the beauty that is not subject to conventional standards, the potential that lies within you and the communities she managed to create. She gives you an ebullient candor, inspiring and motivating you in return. If until now you’ve tried to keep a strong and independent picture, “The Art of Asking” will prove that asking for help is not a vulnerability.

Francoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse

From the list of beach book recommendations “Bonjour Tristesse” is a must. A book that best illustrates the Peter-Pan syndrome and, attempts to preserve an already lost innocence. Anxiety, alcohol, summer love, French Riviera, glamorous lifestyle, all are tempting Cecile, who would prefer to do anything else than study for her philosophy exam.

When the idyllic vacation she spends with her father is interrupted by the arrival of Anne, Cecile feels a wave of responsibility and a need to grow up. But her plan to prevent her father from marrying Anne takes a dark turn. Although she manages to escape responsibility, the consequences of her decisions will follow for the rest of her life.

You can best enjoy this book in a stylish swimsuit like the Sweetheart. Carry it in a fabulous beach tote like the Silver Sequin.

Top Books That Will Make Your Day At The Beach

Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

Prepare yourself to be transported from the beach to an exotic universe. A magical realism that only Haruki Murakami can weave, so naturally in an everyday landscape.

In “Dance Dance Dance” the protagonist tries to find a former girlfriend, Kiki, who disappeared without a trace. But, on this journey, he will encounter a series of eclectic characters that will teach him a few things about human connections. But also about the commodification of things that humanizes us in a capitalist world. Without revealing too much, I can promise that “Dance Dance Dance” will make you want to venture yourself to other floors of the hotel where you are staying. However, you could get into a parallel universe where a strange character, dressed in a sheepskin, will be your only guide.

Top 5 Books That Will Make Your Day At The Beach

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the blazing sun while you read on the beach. Opt for a stylish cover-up like Zenya, a wide-brimmed sunhat, and don’t forget about SPF. If you need some tips on choosing the best sunscreen check out this article! Happy reading!


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