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Tips & Tricks: What’s in Your Beach Bag?

One word: beach vacation! The moment when your enthusiasm only lets you think about your time at the sea, by the beach. But before you begin packing, you need to carefully consider what you will put in your beach bag. It’s important to know that there are some things that you have to have on the beach.

We think that your beach bag is as important as your bathing suit because it completes your holiday look. It should be cheerful and colorful, and roomy enough for everything you need when you go to the seaside.

Don’t think that you need to fill your beach bag with all sorts of things, that will hinder carrying it. No way! You just have to take objects of strict necessity, without which a day at the beach can become ruined. If you haven’t chosen your beach bag yet check out some stylish and practical designs from the Ayara Collection.

Sunscreen Lotion

In my opinion, the most important object in your beach bag is your SPF cream. When you buy sunscreen always consider your skin tone and the tan you want to achieve. The best thing you can do for your health and skin is to protect yourself!

Lip Balm

When you expose yourself to the sun, your skin isn’t the only body part you need to protect. Choose a lip balm that contains SPF and prevents dryness and cracking lips. Use the balm every time you get out of the water, your drink or anytime you feel the need!

Tips & Tricks: What's in Your Beach Bag?

Soothing Aftersun Lotion

You certainly need this! After spending a day at the beach your skin will considerable heat up. A soothing lotion will cool it down and hydrate it. Use it several times during the day.


You always need wipes. However, they are necessary at the beach, to absorb excess sweat. Your skin will start to look oily due to perspiration and solar cream, so wipes are more than welcome!


If you plan to stay under the sun then you’ll surely need a sunhat. It is advisable to choose a broad-brimmed hat, which offers you protection. Opt for a light color that reflect the sun like the Bamboo design.

Tips & Tricks: What's in Your Beach Bag?


Just as your skin and lips need protection against the sun, your eyes need a barrier too. Sunglasses are mandatory in your beach bag. Make sure they are dark and of quality, to avoid irritating the eyes.

Book, Magazine, iPod

If you’re going to spend your day at the beach, you will surely get bored at some point. Take a book with you, or your favorite magazine or an iPod and listen to some relaxing music!

Tips & Tricks: What's in Your Beach Bag?



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