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Swimsuit: From Day to Night

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Looking to get more use out of your swimwear? Well, now you can do double duty with it! One of the most versatile day to night swimwear options is the bandeau top. We especially love bandeau swim tops for transitioning from day-to-night looks because they are perfect for layering, and if you get one with removable straps, you won’t have to worry about any ties hanging out of your clothing. After all, if you are going out at night you don’t want it to look as if you are wearing swimwear, unless you plan on jumping into a pool.

Be sure to purchase a variety of colors, prints and styles so that you always have the perfect one to achieve your look.

Ready to get started?

One of our favorite bandeau bikini sets is Ayara Collection’s bandeau bikini with gold embellished trim. It features an elegant and glamorous metal accent that is glittering with rhinestones. The stones will definitely dress up any day or night look! This white bikini set features removable padding, a logo hook connect in the back and detachable straps. The bikini bottoms have a braided trim and a Brazilian cut design with center shirring. You will be amazing by how perky your booty will look because of the shirring detail. No squats needed!

For a cute day look, wear this crisp white bathing suit with a fashionable floppy sun hat, oversized sunglasses and a comfortable (but stylish!) pair of sandals. And then for night, you can get really creative with it!

Try pairing this white bandeau bikini top with the following items, whether you are going out for drinks, a house party or to the hottest club in town.


1. Plunging Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have become so popular this year and we love it! The more daring styles feature a plunging neckline, but if you aren’t ready to go that low yet, then pairing this glittering bandeau bikini top with a plunging jumpsuit is a match made in heaven. It will add another dimension to the entire outfit and even create the look of a whole new look. We especially love it when you can still see some skin between the bottom of the bandeau top and where the plunge of the jumpsuit ends.


2. Mesh Tops

Because sporty fashions have become so popular, there are a ton of mesh clothing designs out there. Mesh tops should never be layered with a blatant bra, we cannot stress the importance of this. To pull of this look, bandeau tops are a must!


3. Menswear

Menswear gets an incredibly sexy twist when the only thing you have on under a blazer is a bandeau top. Keep the look classy by finishing off your look with a pair of tapered pants and a pair of oxford ankle boots or sleek high heels. Whether or not you want to keep the blazer buttoned or not is up to you!



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