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Sheer and Sophisticated Halter Dress

A sun-filled, beach setting gives women plenty of clothing options. Rather than wear a normal cover up, many choose to wear apparel with flair. They choose clothing that is easy to put on, stylish, and comfortable, the the Ayara Sierra Halter Dress!

Nothing beats versatility. Women love apparel that they can wear a number of different ways. That’s what makes the Sierra Long Halter Dress outstanding. It can be worn as a wrap, sarong, or skirt. It’s made from 100% polyester chiffon making it light and airy beach wear. Women love how it feels against their skin and how beautiful it looks over their favorite swim wear. It’s perfect for traveling with, too, in the event that there is a pool or beach nearby. The halter dress has a removable cut-out silver trim. It comes in a beautiful mint color and moves with your body. Women can easily cover up after laying out in the sun or swimming in this stylish and sophisticated dress.


It’s the type of apparel that grabs people’s attention. Best of all, it looks perfect in tropical settings. Women who wear a halter dress like this know how attractive they look after a day of being kissed by the sun. There are a number of accessories that go well with this versatile dress. A beautiful hat and bag complement the look. It doesn’t matter if a woman is wearing it as a wrap, sarong, or skirt.

The Bamboo sunhat is a great example of an accessory that finishes the beach look. Made with a sewn paper braid with bamboo trim, it’s natural in color. This large brim size hat, gives women a truly glamorous look as they sunbathe, hold a conversation with friends or enjoy drinks at a beachside resort.



It’s clear that sheer is here to stay. How do you like to cover up after a long day of fun in the sun?



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