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Perfect Matches: The Latest Nail Hues For Your Swimsuits

Perfect Matches

Summer is such a great time to show off your fun and colorful side! An easy way to perk up your outfit is with the latest nail polishes that can be flirty, sexy, bold, or all of the above depending on your mood for the day or night. Be it colorful coral or a soft blue, there is a great shade for you and your swimsuits.

If you love to match, paint your fingers and toes with the same shade, but we love mixing it up with contrasting colors on the hands and feet. Want to give your nails an extra special twist? Add on some whimsical nail art that by painting it on yourself, or embellishing them with crystals or stickers. Don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, nail polish can easily be wiped off in seconds if needed, so try as many combinations as possible.

Bandeau Twist Bikini with Ruffle Bottom, $170

Butter London Nail Lacquer, $15

This Ayara Collection bandeau swim set has such a great lavender purple hue that we wanted to keep color going by pairing it with a lovely mint green accent. Mint green has become so popular over the past year that we like to think of it as the new neutral. It goes so well with other colors that you will find yourself painting with it all of the time.

Triangle Bikini with Ruffle Detail, $178

Formula X Law of Attraction, $13

This might sound strange, but colors have their ‘opposites.’ The opposite to blue is orange, red is green and yellow is purple. They are across from each other on the color wheel and even though are ‘opposites,’ complement each beautifully. We love opting for a bright yellow bikini set and pairing it with purple polish. Here you have a sweet and sexy yellow bikini that is set off beautifully by elegant purple and champagne glitter. The combination is stunning and unexpected.

Monokini with Floral Hardware, $205

Formula X Vivacious, $11

With a rich and decadent color like the royal hue of this blue monokini, we are loving the idea of going dangerous and dark. Something like this gray pearl nail polish is exactly what we were looking for. What’s great is that it has a beautiful, lustrous, pearly texture and look to it that is very unique. Bonus is that gray nail polish goes perfect for the chillier weather as well. You will also find yourself wearing this long into the fall and winter seasons.


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