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Mistakes That Compromise Your Relationship With Sunscreen Lotion

If you want your sunscreen lotion to work and protect you 100%, simply using it it’s not enough. Many of us are making mistakes, without even realizing it, which can forsake our efforts to be protected from the ruthless rays of the sun.

The one thing that we can all agree on is that sunscreen is an indispensable holiday product. When applied, sunscreen lotion acts as a barrier between dangerous ultraviolet rays and our skin. The secret of this product lies in the “ingredients” it contains, a mixture of organic and inorganic substances that reflect, diffuse or absorb light and heat from the sun. In this way, sunscreen lotion protects us from frightening effects like skin cancer, but also from aging and the appearance of brown spots and freckles.

Good Intentions are not Enough to Make Sunscreen Lotion More Effective

No matter how conscious we are about the usefulness of sunscreen, and with all the good intentions we have, we sometimes make mistakes that can cost us dearly. So, I made a list of the most common errors in applying and using sunscreen lotion.

Mistakes That Lower the Effectiveness of Sunscreen Lotion. Beware!

You Are Using a Sunscreen Lotion From Two or Three Years Ago

Before putting your sunscreen lotion in your luggage, check its shelf life. If it has expired, do not use it anymore because the active ingredients it contains have deteriorated, and are no longer effective. Generally, sunscreen lotion has a shelf life up to three years, but if you notice that it has changed its consistency and it smells, before its expiration date, the best thing to do is to throw it away and buy a new one.

You are Using a Sunscreen Lotion That Only Gives UVB Protection

For an effective protection, sunscreen lotions must provide both UVB and UVA protection. UVB rays are the most dangerous because they burn the skin and are intense during summer, but UVA rays are responsible for the appearance of premature wrinkles and brown spots. So, look for a sunscreen lotion that provides both UVB and UVA protection. For an effective overall protection don’t forget to cover your head. The Multi-color sunhat will look fabulous, especially if you pair it with a bikini that emphasizes your tan, like Lina. Complete your beach look with the Multi-color beach tote.

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You are Relying on SPF Makeup Products

Your SPF foundation, powder, and bronzer are not enough to sufficiently protect your skin from the sun. You can’t solely rely on these and go to the beach without using sunscreen. The basic rule is to apply it all over the face, wait for it to absorb into the skin and then continue with makeup.

You are not Applying Your Sunscreen Lotion Often Enough

Sunscreen lotion is not effective if you only apply it once while you sit all day in the sun. The product should be reapplied every two hours to protect you. And the amount also matters so it’s important to apply enough lotion to cover the skin well. Without these two tips, the effort to protect your skin will be in vain.

Store your SPF makeup products and your sunscreen lotion in a chic beach tote like Natural and complete your beach look with a pair of comfortable sandals like Shannon. For a ”wow” effect choose a feminine bikini like Daisy.

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You are Ignoring Certain Areas of the Body

Many people find themselves with sunburns on their noses, or even on their ankles, areas that are often neglected when sunscreen lotion is applied. Sometimes, burns appear on the bikini line. A good trick is to apply sunscreen lotion all over your body before you put your Island Girl bikini on, and when you’re at the beach, don’t overlook the above areas, and include the ears and feet. If you want to make a memorable appearance at the beach accessorize your look with the Silver Sequin beach tote and the Maxine sandals.

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You are not Using the Correct Type of SPF

People with lighter skin need higher SPF because their skin tans more quickly, which can lead to sunburn. As a basic rule, you should use a sunscreen lotion with a factor of at least 30, which blocks 96% of rays. If you have lighter skin, focus on a factor of 50. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that olive or darker skin tones don’t need SPF!


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