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How to Wear a One-Piece and Still Look Sexy

Gone are the days where the only type of swimsuit that screamed sex appeal was a teeny tiny bikini. For the ladies who like to up the hotness factor while still keeping things tasteful, one-piece swimsuits are the way to go. But whether you don’t feel comfortable baring your stomach or you simply favor the style of a one-piece more, finding ways to maintain your sex appeal in a one-piece can be a daunting task. Wondering how to rock a one-piece without looking like Grandma Penny? Here are our tips!

1. Choose a One-Piece With Cutouts


There’s nothing sexier than a one-piece swimsuit that features cutout detailing. It’s like a tease for the eyes, giving meaning to the old mantra “less is more.” Opt for a swimsuit that accentuates your curves with cutouts on the side panels and back area, like the Ayara Collection Maya One-Piece. Featuring a super feminine ruffle trip and a Brazilian cut buttom, this swimsuit will have you at hello.

2. Choose a One-Piece That Has Fun Embellishments


Add a playful twist to a traditional one-piece by choosing one that has fun embellishments, like the Rose One-Piece by Ayara Collection. Its gold floral design hardware adds a visual flair to the entire look while the bright blue shade will make you feel like royalty.

3. Have Fun With Outerwear


While your one-piece should be the star of the show, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the rest of your beach look outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with your outerwear. A sheer tunic in an animal print style adds an exotic twist to an otherwise boring one-piece. The Ayara Collection Priscilla Tunic offers a splash of youthfulness while keeping things stylish and trend-worthy.


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  1. janine on January 20th, 2014 11:46 am

    Finally a one-piece that doesn’t look like my grandma’s! Super sexy and classy!

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