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Holiday Gift Guide: Glamour Girl


We all have the one friend who always looks fabulously red carpet ready every time we see them. They’re the friend who always has something on that gives off a beautiful and bright sparkle, whether it’s faceted jewelry or an embellished blouse. Plus, it doesn’t matter if she is going to a Michelin star restaurant or a dive bar, she is ALWAYS dressed up. She also probably has a slight obsession with some of the most glamorous women in history, such as Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren.

To help with your holiday shopping, we’ve scoured the web for some amazing and glam pieces that we know the glamour girl in your life will fall in love with. They definitely aren’t going to be disappointed.

Ayara Collection “Viva” Embellished Triangle Bikini

The classic black bikini has been given a makeover with this fierce design. It features lustrous pearl chains that will drape against your sides for a really fresh and innovative look. Depending on your mood, you can keep them on or detach them. It’s a very wearable design that will make you a standout at the beach or poolside. If you need a great bikini set for a photo shoot, this would definitely be a great option.

Ayara Collection Gold Metallic Hobo Bag

Gold is such a rich and luxe, metallic hue. That’s what makes this gold hobo bag so chic. This gold purse measures in at 18”x6”x14” and is roomy to hold anything you could want. Don’t you just love it when fashion and function collide?

J.Crew Stone Statement Necklace

Glamour Girls love being swathed in jewels. This glittering statement necklace is modern, playful and full of so many brilliant colors that we get happy just looking at it. It’s a fantastic statement necklace to wear under blouses or with formal evening wear. The Glamour Girl will probably even want to sleep in this jeweled necklace design.

Red Lips & Nails

Red lips and red nails have such a fierce siren look to them. It’s classic and very bold. With perfect red lips and manicured nails, people will definitely take notice of the elegant and sexy woman who just walked into the room. And what’s fantastic about gift red lipstick or red nail polish is that they come in so many variations and at different price levels, so that you can always find the perfect one for your friend’s tastes, as well as what will fit your budget the best.

Background Image via Pinterest.

Elizabeth Taylor Image via CinemaViewfinder.com.


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