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Grecian Goddess: Sierra Long Halter Dress

Grecian Goddess

It’s time to channel your inner Grecian Goddess with the “Sierra Long Halter Dress” by Ayara Collection! Whether you’re looking for a beach cover-up to sport over your itty-bitty bikini or you simply don’t want to sacrifice your style at the pool, this dress is sure to please. Its wispy, flowy design ensures ultimate comfort while its lightweight, sheer feeling won’t make you melt in the summer heat.

As always, with every cover-up comes complementary accessories, and these “Kate” sandals fit the bill perfectly. Featuring an ultra-comfortable ergonomic footbed design (to keep your feet in tip-top shape), these beauties also have geometric gold metal detailing that makes them a true looker. And with its slip-resistant, non-marking features, you can rest assure your feet will be stable on both wet and dry terrain.

We love the look of this Grecian-esque Gold Liquid Cuff paired with the dress, as both exude a sense of femininity and delicateness that will stand out wherever you go. The perfect accessory to wear by the pool or beach, this minimalistic cuff proves that going simple when it comes to your jewelry can still make a statement!

Add a modern twist to this Greek Goddess look with these Ralph Lauren wow-worthy sunglasses. Its wide rim and large shape draw attention to the face while its fashion-forward design will make you look like you just stepped off the runway.

No one wants to sport a heavy makeup look at the beach, which is why we’ve paired this look with a glossy nude lip and an eye-catching nail color. Nars’ lip gloss in “Greek Holiday” and Butter London’s nail polish in “Cantaloupe” are the perfect combination of bold yet subtle.


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