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How To Cool Down At The Beach With Yoga

Even if you love summer, the heat and the sea, and you look forward to enjoying them every year, when you face them you start looking for all sorts of methods to cool down. Sure, you can immediately think of a cold slice of watermelon, or a swim through the waves, but you should know that yoga is an excellent way to recover your body and mind. Here are 3 yoga exercises that you can try this summer, right on the beach.

During summer it is best to avoid sun salutations, inversions and bands because these engage more subtle energies that translate into a greater state of heat. Blood circulation intensifies and under the influence of sunlight, you will get warmer.

If you want to cool down through yoga you should slow down your breathing and avoid stressing unnecessarily your muscles.

3 Summer Exercises That Help You Relax When You’re At The Sea

Cobra Pose

Cobra Yoga Pose

This yoga poseĀ helps you detach from external factors, like heat. While lying on the ground, with your palms under your shoulders, lift your head and torso, arching your back as much as you can. Keep the portion of the body located between the navel and toes as close to the ground as you can. Return slowly and smoothly, avoiding sudden movements.

Awareness is very important after each asana, in other words, it’s important to enjoy the benefits obtained after keeping this fixed yoga pose. You should perceive a fine vibration in the heart, a deep feeling of calm and an increased feeling of affection. You can easily practice this yoga pose in a bandeaux bikini like Bella, which ties behind the neck and back.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Yoga Pose

Pigeon pose may be perceived as difficult for beginners, but it will indirectly help relieve back pain and it’s effective in muscle relaxation and balance. As a side effect, you will experience peace of mind and a general state of well-being.

Stand upright in a sitting position with your legs crossed and palms on the ground. While keeping the left leg bent, try extending the right one to the back until it’s almost perpendicular to the left leg. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths, then change sides. Try this yoga pose in a halter top bikini like Pin-Up for extra support. And, don’t forget to cover your head with a stylish sunhat.

Sital Breathing

Sital Breathing

In Sanskrit, the word “Sital” means “cooling”, and this breathing technique has an immediate cooling effect. Inhaling the moisture from the beach air creates a cooling breeze in your body. In addition, it is said that this practice alleviates hunger, thirst, reduces fatigue, fever, and high blood pressure.

To perform this technique you need to sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight. Close your eyes and breathe normally for a few minutes. Then open your mouth and lips forming the letter “O”, then stick your tongue out and curve it. Breathe deeply throughout the tongue, the mouth, like you, would sip from a straw to the count of 3. Keep the air in for a few seconds, withdraw your tongue, close the mouth and exhale through your nostrils while counting to 3. Try at least 10 such breaths in a chic white bikini like Luxe. You can also add a stylish cover-up into the mix like Leila.


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