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How to Choose the Right Swimsuit According to Your Body Shape

Warm weather, vacations and beach getaways involve many tanning sessions and a new swimsuit is absolutely mandatory! But, choosing the right swimwear is a real challenge, so we will assess together how to choose the ideal one according to your silhouette.

Even though most times, body shapes are framed in classic patterns like hourglass, apple, pear etc. it is clear that each body has its own identity and we can’t only talk about these categories. Therefore, it is important to analyze your body well, to observe its peculiarities, and to make a perfect choice that will not only hide imperfections but also highlight your physical assets.

Highlight your Upper Body: Chest and Shoulders

We start with the upper body. If you have small breasts and you want a plus in this area, a push-up variation is an ideal solution for you. Another option is a ruffled or fringed bra, like Daisy, a true fruit of summer that will give momentum to your chest.

Highlight your Upper Body

If, on the contrary, you have a big bust and need additional support, go with a swimsuit with a classic bra with wide straps. You can count on a halter type bra like Charmed, for a current and modern look.

Highlight your Upper Body 2

Broad shoulders can be easily masked by asymmetrical swimsuit tops. Whether you choose a one or a two-piece design, opt for a one-shoulder variation.

In the same area, if you have an athletic silhouette, the best swimsuit for you is a two-piece bandeau type swimsuit like Luxe. The bottom can be classic or boy-short, although if you have wide hips or shorter legs you should avoid the latter.
Luxe Bandeau

Highlight a Full Figure

Generally, Rubenesque figures should go with one-piece swimsuits. They excellently mask body areas that you don’t want to expose. Current trends replete with these designs, so it’s easy to pick your favorite, check out our Rose design. Avoid horizontal stripes and prints.

Highlight a Full Figure

Highlight your Bottom

On the opposite side, if you want to visually increase different areas of your body, like a flat rear, opt for prints or ruffles on the bottom part of your swimsuit. The Daisy design from above perfectly solves this problem too!


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