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Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Essentials 2

Planning a trip to the beach? Then you are going to need some beach essentials to get you through your fun stay. That means more than just packing a cute bathing suit! Our style experts are pros at frolicking in the water, napping in the sand and dealing with unfortunate sunburns. Make your packing a no-brainer with our beach essentials list that will make your trip a lot more relaxing and enjoyable!

1)   Stylish Swimwear: You are going to want a design that won’t slip out of place when you’re in the water, but that isn’t too zealous in the straps or cut-out areas so that you don’t end up with awkward tan lines. We are loving the cute Ayara “Daisy” ruffle bikini set. Not only does this ruffle bathing suit look fun and flirty, but it will accentuate your curves. Plus, the bold yellow hue of this bathing suit makes a seriously playful statement.

2)   Beach Towel: Make sure to bring a beach towel, not a bathroom towel. You want something you can spread out on without having limbs falling into the sand. How fabulous is this colorful jellyfish design?

3)   Waterproof Sunscreen: Sunscreen should be worn at all times. Go with waterproof sunscreen so you don’t sweat it off or wash it all off when you dive into the water. Protecting your skin is a must when it comes to preventing sunburns and skin cancer.

4)   Aloe Vera Gel: We know, we know, this sounds like an oxymoron coming right after we’re saying to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns. But if somehow you let the sunscreen slip by and end up with a nasty sunburn, treating it with aloe vera gel right away will assist with soothing the pain and make the peeling process less ugly.

5)   Oversized Sunglasses: Just like you want to protect your skin, it is extremely important to keep a barrier between your eyes and the sun. We love oversized versions that provide a lot of coverage.

6)   Beach Hat: We are major fans of sunglasses because they protect your eyes from the sun, but you can take it a step further by opting to wear a floppy beach hat that will help shield your entire face from harmful rays. A great beach hat does double duty and looks so chic! Go with a natural material, such as a straw beach hat that is lightweight and great for the warm weather. Just remember to slather on that sunscreen because UV rays can still go through fabric!

7)   Summer Sandals: Opt for something like a rubber women’s flip-flop. It won’t scorch your feet even if they have been laying out in the sun, plus they maneuver in and out of the sand easily. Ever try walking through the sand and heels or wedges? Not fun!

8)   Water: Why are we reminding you to bring something as basic as water with you? Because you could be all decked out in your yellow swimsuit, summer sandals, spectacular floppy beach hat and oversized movie star sunglasses, but if you are dehydrated, you are going to start feeling dizzy and that will just cut your trip a lot shorter than you want it to be.


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