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5 Summer Makeup Tricks For The Beach

Most women say they don’t use beauty products at the pool, or by the sea, but in fact, most use minimal makeup. Why? Because no one wants to go out in public with small, but visible imperfections on the face, especially if in everyday life they don’t leave the house without foundation.

I’m not talking about an intense makeup, with high coverage and a lot of mattifying powder, but about a uniform complexion with a healthy glow, coveted by all.

Here are some makeup tricks for a flawless and waterproof summer look at the beach.


No matter what you apply on your face, don’t forget about SPF. Sunburns are common during this time of year so try to avoid them. For dry or sensitive skin you can use SPF 50, while for normal skin you can rely on SPF 30. If you want to amp up the protection factor with a stylish sun hat.

CC & BB Cream

Use a CC or BB cream or a light foundation. Remember that all products must be waterproof and provide a natural and healthy look.

Summer Makeup Tricks For The Beach

Illuminator or Blush

Skip face sculpting and use one of these makeup tricks: illuminator or blush. If you go with a blush choose a creamy or liquid variation to avoid loading your skin. Keep your beauty products hidden from the sun in an elegant beach tote like Gold Metallic. And if you want a truly spectacular beach look don’t forget your gold chain trim bikini.

Beach Makeup Tricks: Blush

Defined Brows

Brow definition is essential even for beach makeup. You can skip the other steps but your brows will highlight your entire look and provide harmony to your traits. Try a waterproof eyebrow gel that you can find in almost any store.

Lip Balm

Sun exposure causes dehydration, more than usual. So, it’s important to use a nourishing lip balm or an opaque lipstick. One of my favorite makeup tricks for the beach is to opt for a combination of these two. There are many tinted lip balms available on the market. Highlight your lip color with a sexy monokini in a gorgeous shade of royal blue.

Beach Makeup Tricks: Lip Balm

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