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5 Exotic Beach Destinations

No matter the weather there are always places where you can sunbathe. Most sunny exotic beach destinations are pretty far away, like Malaysia or Sri Lanka. But the Canary Islands still sound pretty good to soak up the sun. If you want to sit for hours on the beach all you need to do is hop on a plane and visit an exotic beach!


In Malaysia the peak season is just ending but the air temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius, and the sea water is warm, even with the chance of rain. In this period there are about seven hours of sun per day. The most popular places in Malaysia, where you can sunbathe, are Penang and Pangkor Islands. And, if you want to look fabulous on the beach don’t forget to pack your Lina bikini with its gold chain trim and your Bamboo sunhat.

Exotic Beach Destinations

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there are about 37 degrees Celsius. In the first part of the year is better to use the east coast of the island, which is protected from the monsoon weather. Aside from days on the beach, you can choose resorts in Kalkudah or Passekudah, or go on a safari in Yala National Park, where you can see elephants, leopards and water buffalos.


Among the top exotic beach destinations is Egypt, where it’s warm all year round. There are 27 degrees Celsius and the sunshine lasts for 11 hours a day. Walk the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, sit in the sun or opt for snorkeling.


In Cuba there are around 25 degrees Celsius. It’s far, but it will be a unique experience. Don’t forget to visit Santiago de Cuba, where everything is about music and dance, and enjoy the sun on the nearby beaches of Holguin. In Cuba you can find luxurious hotels and enjoy real rum drinks in fabulous bandeau bikinis.

5 Exotic Beach Destinations

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote in Spain is a handy choice. On the beaches of the island there are about 23 degrees. And, Playa De Los Pocillos is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in the sun. Opt for a sexy one-piece like the Rose bikini and pair it with the Gold Metallic beach tote for a chic and elegant beach look. Don’t forget your sunnies and SPF lotion.

5 Exotic Beach Destinations

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