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4 Things You Should Never Wear at the Beach

Summer is all about fun and we are all tempted by the feeling that we can do anything, without suffering any consequences. However, you should know that even summer has its taboos and beach attire is often one of them.

Discover below 4 things you should never wear at the beach if you don’t want to fall into the trap of ridicule or even endanger your health!

Things You Should Never Wear at the Beach

Any Pair of Shoes, Except Sandals, Slippers or Flip-flops

During the cold season, our poor toes are denied their freedom for so long, and if they could speak they would tell you how much they love summer. However, some of the representatives of the fairer sex obstruct their newly obtained freedom at the beach and the result is not quite aesthetic.

To make myself clear: heels don’t belong at the beach! Along with cowboy boots and UGGs, even if they are your favorite pair. Sneakers and tennis shoes aren’t a better choice. They are only allowed when you practice sports at the beach. Although true athletes choose to pamper their feet with a healthy dose of hot sand.

Wedges are another controversial choice. But, if you love them, you can wear them at the beach, but you have to expect some waddling when you walk. Think about trying something like the Vela sandals, which are not only comfortable but also dazzling with┬átheir crystal and bead embellishments. Pair them with the Leila caftan and the Sweetheart swimsuit and you’ll be sure to make a perfect appearance on the beach.

Things You Should Never Wear at the Beach

Shiny Jewelry

At the beach you enjoy the sun, sea water and fresh air, you don’t show off your jewels. Besides getting a busy look, which has nothing to do with relaxation and ease, you may compromise your health. Jewelry, especially gold, can warm up and burn your skin, and it can mimic fish scales attracting unwanted marine animals. Who would have thought that a simple necklace can do so much damage, right? For a stylish appearance accessorize your beach look with a sunhat.

Things You Should Never Wear at the Beach


Of course, a dash of waterproof mascara and a tinted lip balm are acceptable at the beach, but executing an intricate smokey eye is a no-no. Moreover, take into account the fact that heavy makeup combined with the rising temperatures and excessive perspiration will not be the best choice for your skin, blocking pores and causing pimples.


A casual, comfortable and airy dress will highlight your swimsuit beautifully. But things are completely different if you choose to appear on the beach in some elegant eveningwear. You will not be crowned the queen of the sea, you will only complicate your existence. And, your precious dress will be threatened by a mixture of salt water and sand. Just think about cleaning a velvet dress after a day at the beach. Choose a versatile swimsuit like the Luxe design that you can wear with basically anything and still make a splash!

4 Things You Should Never Wear at the Beach

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